Saturday, November 28, 2015

The last time I saw Paris

Okay so like ok cupid's asking me
Do I like to sleep spoon position
And I'm saying whoa saying
Way whoa
Way too you know
Way too dumb
But oddly enough I answer the next question
How many times do you prefer
To you know do it a week
But today when OK Cupid
ten questions later asks
 do I think the world would be safer
If there were more guns
I pause
I mull it through
And I think like in the concert hall
When the fiends shot each victim one by one point blank range
Like the mass killings Nazi-style
In the beginning
World War Two you know
Dig a trench
No have the Jews
Dig the trench then
Line them up then shoot shoot shoot shoot
Mull over the question more than I would have otherwise
Because we have Paris
We'll always have Paris
Rick and Elsa did, Casablanca

Although one question
I do answer roundly roundly
I the lover of the greater quantity
Of humanity still:
No Republicans please
or as my mother would say
In Yiddish. Ois. Ois.

Ellen Pober Rittberg
Long Island NY USA
Donated to Jewish National Fund.

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