Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It’s a Sea We Live On

It’s a sea we live on,
Not a pond.
It’s roiling and crashing
With peaks so high you can see
The hope of the distant shore,
With troughs so deep you are certain
The light is gone for good.

It’s a sea we live on, 
With tides and swells and whipping winds
And the moments of calm,
When the sails go slack, and
The waters flatten to placid
Are false sirens of a peace that cannot stand.

It’s a sea we live on,
Bursting with life and adventure
A bounty of life-giving food
And dreams of travels afar
that call to us to sail on.

Bursting with death and destruction
A horde of sharp-toothed monsters
And nightmares of raging storms 
that can end it all in an instant.

A pond is a nice place to spend a 
Warm summer afternoon,
to skip a rock or two 
to enjoy a quiet picnic.
But it is not life.

It’s a sea we live on,
For good or bad.

Tony Iovino
Rockville Centre, NY USA
Donated to Secours Populaire Français

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