Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dear Paris

3,606 miles away
your tears fall like raindrops
from our shared sky
your grief grey on wounded clouds
blend across a field of blue
bright white stars twinkle
on a darkened backdrop
a shared distress, you are not alone
a code of solidarity after terrorist attacks
streams of red sorrow will fade in time
in dawn’s healing opal rays

my psalms strung from cumulus
across  heartbroken continents
from suburban East Meadow 
to City of Lights Paris
across the North Atlantic Ocean
strength sails on jet wings
speedier than a near 7-hour flight 
from JFK to Chas de Gaulle
we meet on streets swept with candle flickers
flower petals calling out for mercy

our same world, our same prayers
for peace, for unity
for I understand
when you look up
our eyes face across the miles
when your hand rests on your breast
our hearts beat together
our same hope

for peace to reign supreme

J R Turek
Nassau County, NY USA
Donated to CTM  Prayers For Peace

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