Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Courage of Harmony

This evening the first fragrance of purple iris 
is preparing to set us right 
as the moon lifts and loosens
the petals with her curved white wrench
and the fleur de lis hum
a quiet song, 
bearded blue and green,
while the streets blast over them,
the roaring explosions, café-rending flashes,
the sirens screeching up drenched streets
to their frightened breathless scenes
and all night 
inside an autumn thrum
as in an ode to the great wheel,
the irises sing their ruffled songs 
and roses hum in the flower pots
unmuffled and steady, 
and the song is an ode to forever yearning, 
the harmony asking without wobble or shudder,
What world do we want? 
And will we wake beside the shattered streets and flower-strewn shops, 
the grief-spilt corners and candle-lit petals,
will we wake and drive our lives into the answer?

Gianna Russo
Tampa, Florida
Donated to Doctors Without Borders

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