Wednesday, November 25, 2015


In Paris you can drink coffee outdoors
In Paris you can drink wine  
Or eat an omelet there
And the café cat will come over to greet you
While you watch the day's well-being go by  
Amidst this day's well-being
You can gaze up splendid boulevards
You can glance down narrow streets
But the streets at the next intersection
Grow crowded with noises
You know are probably
Not fireworks
Though you try to convince yourself
They are fireworks
It is not the time for fireworks
Not this time
So you want
To do what you can to stay
To let all of us stay  
Drinking coffee outdoors
Drinking wine
Eating omelets
Petting the cat that comes by
And writing poetry
In praise of well-being
In the midst of well-being
Here in Paris or wherever   
You can drink coffee outdoors  
Jack Anderson
New York, N.Y.
Donated to Doctors Without Borders

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