Saturday, November 28, 2015


      People are screaming into the night,
      As they run so full of fright;
      Everyone is simply terrified,
      As they search for a place to hide.

     I see people shooting, I know not why,
     All I know, is I don't want to die;
     So I dive onto the floor,
     Not even knowing what's in store.

     People are getting hit,as they fall to the ground,
     I scan for better cover to be found;
     And right before my eyes, I see lots of blood being spilled,
     And the fear in me, is now completely fulfiled.

     People all over are dying,
     And so many Mothers are crying;
     Another senseless real sick act,
     Has left such a tragic impact.

     Once again innocent people are no more,
     And you have to ask yourself, "what was it all for?";
     Why was their innocent lives taken in vain,
     Why was the world again inflicted with so much pain?

    So tell me Lord, why do you continue,
    To let evil, do what they want to?
    Why are terrorists allowed to run free,
     And continue to destroy humanity?

    Just because today leaders are weak,
    And against terrorism too afraid to even speak;
    Too afraid to make a bold plan,
    Even to save their fellow man.

    You Lord, cannot stand on the side,
    And just continue to watch and hide;
    You know which of your people are evil,
            and which are good through and through.
    And protecting us, is what you should do.

    So use maybe some fire and brimstone,
    Or maybe you have a plan of your own;
    That's fine, but it is the world's foremost wish,
     That you get serious, and make these terrorists,
             simply vanish.

    You have done it before, and you can do it again,
    For these are truly very very evil men;
    Like Hitler and Stalin and monsters of that kind,
    When you rid the world of them, your planet here,
              Will be better you'll find.

Bob Baker
Hicksville,NY, USA
Donated to the World Jewish Congress 

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