Saturday, November 14, 2015

How This Works

We are poets on Long Island, NY who want to help the victims of the attacks on Paris. We have formed Poets 4 Paris to give poets a way to show the people of Paris that we are with them, and to help raise money for the people hurt and the families of those who lost loved ones.

Here's how it works:

You send a poem to us. You make a donation to a recognized charity. You help provide hope to a people.
Here's the project, plain and simple:

1) Send a poem (Can be previously published, as long as you have the rights).

2) Send a donation of any amount to a recognized charity. We are NOT collecting any money--you send it direct.

3) We'll publish your poem on the site and recognize the donation (not the amount, but the donee).

In addition to the blog, poems submitted from now until 11/28/15 will be considered for a Poets 4 Paris chapbook to be published in print and eBook by Local Gems Press. 
(While any poem will be acceptable for the blog, poems related to Paris will be considered for the chapbook. The chapbook's aim is to show solidarity and support during a trying time. Local Gems intends to send copies of the chapbook overseas in an effort to help lift spirits so empowering, encouraging compassionate poetry will be considered first and foremost.)

We hope you will join us--and as a recognized leader in the poetry community, I hope you will pass this on to other poets.


The poem can be on any topic, but must meet the following criteria:
  • Can be on any topic--does NOT have to be on Paris, terrorism, politics, etc. In fact, light-hearted material will be appreciated
  • 30 lines or less (give or take--just no epics!)
  • Include the poem in the body of your email--no attachments!!
  • 1 poem per donation--but you can send as many as you like
  • send all poems to
  • Include your name, city/state/country & the name of the charity you donated to-- no proof needed--you are on your honor.  We also ask the amount for our tally purposes only--but that is not required.
  • Please also include a 2-3 line bio in case your poem is included in the chapbook
  • Donations must be made to one of the recognized charities appearing on this site (if you know of others you want us to include, let us know) It can be in any amount--please let us know how much you've donated so we can keep a tally--but we will NOT publish or reveal the amount
  • By sending the poem you attest you have the right to allow us to publish it--that it is your work. We are taking only the right to publish the poem here on this site, the Local Gems Press site, in the chapbook and in any e-book, on a non-exclusive basis.


  1. Bravo for this wonderful project! I was so excited when I read about this that I actually thought I had immediately emailed my poem - checked today and I HAD NOT! I had simply been spreading the word. Whew... did get it in and again congratulations on a wonderful project. I am delighted to participate. Thank you again for a terrific opportunity to show solidarity with our "sibling" France.

  2. Is this wonderful project open to European writers?
    I was in a Christmas charity event yesterday...can I still participate?

  3. I hope you got my forwarded email. Unfortunately there was a glitch and the email address turned into poets4haiti. So I sent the forwarded email which I had submitted at 5ish on November 28th to the correct email. I am hoping you will publish it and consider it for the anthology.