Saturday, November 28, 2015

Paris Faces

Online, BBC shows
a checkerboard of photos,
the bright young faces,
where I can click on each
to see their short years of life,
their work in the freedom
of design, graphics, theater,
magazines, or driving a coach,
the careers which paid them
enough to buy a ticket  
to a wild rock concert on a mild
November night in the heart
of Paris, a heart throbbing
with energy and happiness,
or paid them enough for drinks
at a sidewalk cafe, a Friday
night of joy for Manuel, Ariane,
Djamila, Cedric, Cecile,
Fabrice, Fabian, Francois,
Claire, Marie, Renaud,
Matthieu and on and on, 
smiles from the screen, 
futures stolen from France.

Marilyn Peretti
Illinois, USA
Donated to UNICEF

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