Monday, November 23, 2015

The day after Music cried

The day after a siege of terror on streets of Paris
The day after guns were fired, bloods were shed
The day after loved ones were perished, and
the pleas to God were denied,

The day after running feet tangled, bodies shivered,
shock and panic marked the faces at walled indoors
and the alleys outside,

The day after I yelled at God, “No, no, not again, not again,
oh dear God, how this vicious cycle
of fury and madness started how it is going to end?”
Without a reply, my soul cried,

The day after soccer game stopped,
the guitar was silenced a music man was chased,
forced to escape and hide,

The day after Music cried
flames of lit candles, offer light of hope
bouquets of flowers cover
the blood stained site,

The prayers from around the world
wrapped in love wrapped in tears
have arrived,

The day after screams and cries
The day after reign of terror in Paris
Order trying to return Chaos began to subside,

Music man’s restless fingers with anger and pain
run from key to key from black to white ,
from white to black trying to decide,

trying to find a tune of hope to play
Music man’s fingers find the keys
He plays song of nation’s pride

Music man plays
Parisians recite their National song
World sing along,
the day after Music cried.  

Narges Rothermel
Long Island, NY USA 
Donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders.)

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