Monday, November 16, 2015

Picture of Life

A painting’s still in progress––
Parisian life 
numbered for color.
People sit at an outdoor café,
sip wine 
between conversations.
A man delivers his wares 
in an ancient 
but sturdy wagon
as long as his horse 
can be of service.

But the artist 
didn’t finish her piece.
she allowed age 
to paint the edges,
kept some areas 
devoid of color.
Inside her dented box,
capsules have lost their oil.
Brushes lie unwashed,
too brittle for use––
inertia lives in the dust.
I wonder why,
but the artist isn’t here 
to answer.

Patricia Carragon
Brooklyn, N.Y. -- U.S.A.
Donated to Doctors Without Borders

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