Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Montmartre rises up touching
absinthe colored leaves
in the breathe of spring
intoxicating as I meander

quaking poplars shimmer
lamp posts laden boulevards
with gold candle blossoms
alight in the glimmering sun

upon the cusp of autumn
myriad of maple leaves
brilliant as stained-glass
imitation of Notre Dame

this little stream my Seine
slices the first snow
the far side is the Left Bank
lost & found treasures lie beneath

returning again to this
eternal city of light
grasping my memories
longed for quays

so easy to loose myself
midnight finds me wandering
through drizzling rain
shadow of the Eiffel elm

someone walking beside me
in the revealing light of dawn
would see  my geographical errings
yet this copse was my Paris

Terrence Sykes
Virginia  USA
Donated to the International Red Cross

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