Sunday, November 29, 2015

I’m With You

In better days I walked your cobblestone streets 
hand in hand with you, my lover 
and we wandered aimlessly
through your spiraled neighborhoods 
admiring the historic and weatherworn
buildings as we explored places you had seen before
as a soldier guarding the gates in Orleans against marauders
your love of Paris in every breath as you played tour guide
to my tourist and what would you say tonight as this 
breathtaking city lies in the throes of destruction
it’s sanctuary destroyed by the vicious actions 
of those who selfishly decided
to obliterate some they had
never seen and who were innocent of usual crimes
eating dinner, watching soccer,
enjoying music and now were
plastic covered bodies with
soldiers surrounding the
aftermath of senseless 
bullets and bombs
and they are an invisible 
enemy striking with precision
their only goal to bring down
the ones who they believe
are their enemy
To mow us down and replace
us with themselves with 
religion being their reason.
Faith is their sword
and not their peace.

Barbara Ehrentreu
Stamford, CT USA
Donated to Secours Populaire Francais:

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